The word ugly and all associated definitions. (fucking ugly with out using profanity)
That bitch is fugly
by Jeff December 09, 2002
Someone who is f*#king ugly
"Omg your so fugly"

"Eww he/ she is fugly"
by realoren June 16, 2014
A really 'fucking ugly' child. Often named Paul.
Wow look at paul. He's so fugly.
by DaaayumShesHot October 10, 2012
Since some people are so ugly, a word had to be made to describe them! Fucking + Ugly = "Fugly"!
I just saw Aunt Gladys without her make-up...Man, was she fugly!
Oh, I see what you mean...I threw up a little in my mouth after I saw her!
by AANDZ September 29, 2011
Fucking ugly
Pig: Grunt
by ddjibbs December 18, 2008
f''ckin ugly
Man that dude was fugly!!!
by leza July 10, 2008
to have features that arent the usual "ugly" but more extreme. to make people wanna turn away due to the fuglyness they are showing. to get to be at this stage, one must complete a course of chode slaps, cleveland steamers, and a shoe up their ass

down right freakin ugly
sheila is so fugly that her fire crotch attacked her face, how can that fugly hoe wake up in the morning?
by fabby March 12, 2008
abreviation for the term, "fucking-ugly"
* dam, Ian's fugly!

*that's one fugly camel!
by Grimzee September 07, 2007

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