Overly happy or excited.
Today has been amazing, I'm so fuggle!
by xXwhitewolffXx January 16, 2009
Slang used to describe the mix of freestyle footbag and juggling.

Either preforming both at the same time or describing a practice session that involves both activities not necessarily at the same time.
I just got the perfect fuggle bags

Do you want to have a fuggle session tomorrow?

Isn't it so much faster to talk about our favorite activities now that we have combined them into one word?
by Frater Webb January 08, 2009
Another way to use the 4-letter F-word without offending anyone; expression of dismay or being upset about something. Cannot be conjugated so can almost only be used as an interjection.
"Fuggles! I lost my keys again!"
"I missed Adult Swim tonight. Fuggles."
by ~*Purplelectrica*~ October 27, 2003
When your mate tries to lure you to the bedroom, giving you the assumption of spooning or cuddling, while in reality he or she plans to have intercourse.
Hey sweet thang! I really wanna wanna go cuddle with you and tell you how much I love you. What! I aint playin that game, You don't wanna cuddle, you wanna "FUGGLE!"
by Laura o October 20, 2007
a very ugly woman. usually has daughters equally as ugly.
ewww there comes the fuggle
by nessacore June 12, 2007
1. Used to express emotion. Can be used as a negative interjection such as shit, etc.
1. To say something is fugly.
1. Stuff that is fugly.
1. Fuggles! My computer crashed!
2. Mom- "What do you think of this shirt?"
Kid- Fuggles.
3. That man is fuggles and a pedophile too.
by Me January 22, 2005
Awesome, great - but too smart.
"Man, that guy's a Fuggles..."
by Alexana June 22, 2005

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