To fuck your bitch from behind while snuggling, slow, long, deep grinding strokes while one free hand reaches around the front gently caressing her pearl to orgasm as you simultaneously unload deep inside her honey pot
I slid into bed with a stiff hard cock and began to fuggle. We fuggled for hours tangled up in pure pleasure and passion before collapsing exhausted and covered in sweat
by Kruptor June 12, 2013
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A fuck snuggle.
I started spooning her and,before you know it turned into a fuggle.
by Alex, Dana, Aaaron, Laura January 23, 2004
Fucking someone while giving them a hug
"David fuggles steph till she screams"
by John January 11, 2004
Fuck-cuddle-hug. Simple as that
Lets fuggle by the fireplace ;-)
by MrE2u November 08, 2005
A fugly Muggle, in the Harry Potter universe
Ron: Oi, Harry! Your Aunt Petunia is a real Fuggle!
by McFur July 31, 2008
Akin to cuddlingus, fuggle is snuggling that leads to sex.
I promise you some cuddlingus after we fuggle.
I understand you have a headache. Let's just fuggle.
Girl: Do we have to have sex every night? Let's just snuggle.
Guy: How 'bout we fuggle?
by Z. Thompson January 18, 2008
To fuck and snuggle at the same time AKA softcore sex
hey baby wanna fuggle me?
dude samantha is amazing when it comes to fuggling
by Ben182943871 September 18, 2006

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