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A 5-person, co-ed, road racing team in Southern California which dominates the local R.U.T.E. annual road race.
Who won the true co-ed division for R.U.T.E. this year? Oh, it's the FUGAWI!
by Rids February 11, 2011
22 13
Nomadic tribe that gets lost alot.
Are we lost? Where the fugawi.
by Buttafucco December 29, 2005
74 31
A weekend on Nantucket in which a bunch of rich people go there on the giant yachts. The weekend is full of drunken tourists who think they are special until someone steals their hat.

comes form sailing race term when the got lost.
where the fug-awi ( f*ck are we)
by Markatack May 21, 2005
53 33
where the fuck are we
i am a memeber or the fugawi indian tribe
by Anonymous March 16, 2003
50 33