(1)noun, code word for "victor is currently de-lofting the bed, put on your goggles"

(2)noun, comparable to screaming "fire" in a theatre, only referring to "sex" in a college dormitory and/or hallway.

(3)verb, the act of de-pants-ing a random drunk girl, sex-iling your roommate, and committing acts of treason against the Dominican Republic, while also breaching American "borders" without proof of identification....in other words a beaner boning your white girlfriend....

(4)noun, un parte del cuerpo que los hombres les gustan por las muejeres miran porque es muy grande...a la hombre!!!!
(1) Dios mio, we probably shouldn't go into that room because much fuego occured in the past 4 seconds.
(2) Kid: "Fuego!" Just kidding, but did you see that man having sex in the back hallway? Not too shabby.
(3) After a long night at Peggy's, Victor fuegoed with Esperanza en la cama. The next day he searched for her on facebook and is now worried "she" may not have been a "she".
(4)Victor: Hey Esperanza, did you get a chance to see my fuego last night? No? You're right, it was cold out...Touche, wanna go to Hubbell.
by your friends November 09, 2007
A really really really hot woman.
Did you see Salma Hayek in Frida? I didn't like the monobrow but she's still a fuego!
by Fubu August 23, 2004
term for cocaine. created by new england prep school girls.
i have this huge exam tomorrow for AP art history, did you remember to pick up the fuego?
by Charlo Diddy November 15, 2006
everything but fire.
A:fuego's going on, man?

That was fuego!
by Jessica & Jennifer November 23, 2004
el place donde stan the homeboys y las homegirls, nomas chillando y tirando trip.
thug 1: ey wey stoy bored, pa onde ay pa party.
thug 2: no se bro, pero call el yoni, i think que he wants to go.
thug 3: ey homies, vamos pa FUEEEEGOOOO!
by Rene January 03, 2005

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