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Adjective used to describe the amazingness of Marijuana.
"Yo you got some fueg ass shit homie"

"I got the most fueg shit in town"
by ML & SK January 14, 2009

Short for fuego, or fire en espenol.

Used to describe something of high quality, especially (but not limited to) weed.
Fueg has been known to be used in lieu of "dank".
"Yo playa how's them nugs?"
-"Oh dude, super fueg..."

"Those nachos were so fuckin fueg"
by SGpurp November 19, 2012
A Fueg is pretty much another word for Fag but said in different tone.
it is usually someone who you don't like
if your friend does something stupid you say "Fueg!"

You're a fuckin' fueg

they're all a bunch of fuegs

those kids are losers, fuckin fuegs.
by David Fuckin Cameron June 10, 2007
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