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The brown, dirtied male member after it has been removed from a woman's, another man's, or an animal's anus.
"Billy, I'm not putting my mouth anywhere near that fudgecock of yours. Clean it off! Only then will I even CONSIDER fellating you!"
by The Incredible Stinkpot May 12, 2009
a faggot, homo, fudge packer, gay dude, ass clown, ass jockey, ass explorer, corn dog buddy, dick lick, but pirate... you get it.
Bobby: I hate that dutche bag Wyatt!!!
Chris: Yeah i know, i heard he was a faggot?
Bobby: Yeah. The other day he asked if i would have butt sex with him. But, i called him a dirty fudge cock and gave him a lack eye.
Chris: Hahaha
by Bobby Rodriguez jr November 18, 2007
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