A Replacement for the word fuck.
Swearing: Oh Fuck! That Hurt!

Non Swearing: AAgh Fudge Crackers! That Hurt
by Roblo2012 November 05, 2012
Top Definition
An insult, and noun commonly used to define a person that is a pest among one's peers. Can also be used as an expression to exclaim one's distress.
"You fudge cracker!" or "Ahh, fudge crackers, I dropped my pencil!"
by #1Stereotype January 10, 2010
usually said when something bad or unpleasant occurs and the person is around people who would be offended if another "F" word were to come from the person's mouth.
Teacher: You failed this class.
Student: Fudge Crackers!
by Phunkie July 29, 2011
A man who sticks his dick in the anal cavity
"Did you hear that that fudge cracker Matthew had sex with Christopher?"
by uhmanduh September 22, 2006
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