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usually said when something bad or unpleasant occurs and the person is around people who would be offended if another "F" word were to come from the person's mouth.
Teacher: You failed this class.
Student: Fudge Crackers!
by Phunkie July 29, 2011
An insult, and noun commonly used to define a person that is a pest among one's peers. Can also be used as an expression to exclaim one's distress.
"You fudge cracker!" or "Ahh, fudge crackers, I dropped my pencil!"
by #1Stereotype January 10, 2010
A Replacement for the word fuck.
Swearing: Oh Fuck! That Hurt!

Non Swearing: AAgh Fudge Crackers! That Hurt
by Roblo2012 November 05, 2012
A man who sticks his dick in the anal cavity
"Did you hear that that fudge cracker Matthew had sex with Christopher?"
by uhmanduh September 22, 2006