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Fudge Nucker is another word for a-hole or butt head. It could also mean a nut breaker (not the kind you eat) cuz' if you get offended girls you know where you're gonna kick a man.
Boy grabs girl's chest...

Girl-YOU FUDGE NUCKER! *kicks him where it hurts! OUCH!*


Girl walks away giggling with her friends.
by Yoda! March 21, 2009
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A replacement word for the "F" word, normally used by stressed out Moms when her small children are within hearing range.
Mom walks in kitchen and see's dishwasher overflowing all over floor.... she yells "Oh Fudgenuckers". as she chases kids out of mess and cleans up the mess.
by misschattya February 05, 2010
A name given to a person just because.
Has no vulgar meaning.
He is a fudgenucker.
by Terek Eyson October 08, 2003

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