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1) The faux Latin intonation meaning "Fuck Dick Cheney". Said with somber celebration. Liturgical and celebratory.
2) When repeated may be used as an incantation. Often used in "magical thinking" or to cast a spell upon an unsuspecting innocent.
3) Also, a political exultation upon entering a room in triumph like a Caesar. Or a simple greeting between two people who have not seen one another for some time.
As a simple greeting :Yo, Jack! Long time no see. Fucquis Chenem Dicquat!
Yeah, Fucquis Chenem Dicquat. Amen to that brother.

As an incantation: Sue said her Fucquis Chenem Dicquats every night before going to bed, believing it would charm Jed into asking her out on a date.

As a political exultation of triumph: As the votes were being counted, the Democratic candidate wanted to greet his supporters with Fucquis Chenem Dicquat!
by Questinia April 20, 2009
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