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1.) Any made-for-TV "special bulletin broadcast" that proves the gullibility and stupidity of the viewing audience by making them think that what they're hearing and seeing is real.

2.) Any purposely made fake documentary meant to fool the audience. IE: "This is Spinal Tap!"

3.) Any "hoax-within-a-hoax" reality show where the contestants are scammed into thinking they stand a chance to win a fortune, marry the girl-or-guy of their dreams, and/or perform some great achievement. In the end, of course, they get nothing. This time, the viewing audience is "in on it."
Many younger viewers thoght that "This is Spinal Tap!" was a real documentary. It was, in reality, just a colossal "fuckyoumentary" foisted on the audience.
by Ozymandius July 09, 2009