1.When you run out of insults like:fuck nut and fuck wit.

2.A person that never forgets to wear a condom while fucking.

3.One step up from a dumbfuck.
1.BillyBob:You FUCK NUT!
JimmyJoeJackson:You FUCK WIT!!BillyBob:YOU...uhhh...ummmm...FUCKWISE?

2.Sarah:Make sure you be a fuckwise BillyBob and wear a condom before you slam me.

3.BillyBob:I got fire from my fuck wiper job because, I droped a fuck bomb on my manager.
JimmyJoeJackson:Only a fuckwise can be fired from a fuck wiper job
by L2L1 March 28, 2005
Top Definition
1.) Used to denote a direction that is highly unfortunate for the the traveler.

2.) The direction of downtown Detroit from wherever you are.

3.) Adverb: Just generally bad.
1.) Guy: "He just stole your car!", Fucked person: "Which way did he go?", "Fuckwise!"

2.) Guy in Ann Arbor: "Dude, which way's Detroit?", Other guy: *points east* "Fuckwise"

3.) After a hard exam: "That exam fucked me fuckwise!"
by jlarg October 22, 2009
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