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Someone who has more money than they could ever possibly spend.
"According to Forbes, Bill Gates is a Fucktillionaire."

Forbes top 10 Richest Fucktillionaires:

1. William H Gates III
2. Warren E Buffett
3. Karl & Theo Albrecht
4. Paul G Allen
5. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud
6. Lawrence J Ellison
7. Alice L Walton
8. Helen R Walton
9. Jim C Walton
10. John T Walton
by Sir Smurfalot May 12, 2006
A new level of wealth determined by George Lucas's success with his Star Wars franchise.
Fanboy 1: "Hey, did you see that article on Lucas, and how he said he funded the building of his new facility with 'some money I put aside'? Real easy when you are worth over a hundren billion dollars..."

Fanboy 2: "I think he has reached the never acheived 'Fucktillionaire' status."
by Christopher Read June 09, 2005
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