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A fucking retard so deeply stupid that he/she seems to be a genetic deviance from humanity.
Jeff is such a fucktard. He tried to make the argument that if his date wasn't a cops daughter he wouldn't have been pulled over for drunk driving. His parents are fucktards too. It is like he is 2nd generation fucktardian.
by Mathtard February 03, 2010
A collection of people who are absolute fucking retards. Usually applies to family and, thus, a clan.
Jim - we have to go see the fucktardians (my parents) again.
by Reverend Felcher November 25, 2012
A permanent resident living in the 78753 and 78758 zip codes in Austin, TX
Any ramdom crackhead or any under/over medicated person living in the Rundberg Ln. area of Austin, TX. "That fucktardian just fell over, he's so drunk"
by disturbd85 March 04, 2009
a group of stupppid people who need to get lives and mind thur own shit
1)go fuck yourself you fuck tardian
2)Scout from clc your captian of the fuck tardians
by Dr. Peckerwood September 15, 2011
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