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The feeling you get when everything is just perfect.
Amanda: Hey Matt, how you feeling?

Matt: Well after last night, I feel completely fucktacular!

Amanda: Let's do this again sometime!
by Matt The Fucker August 01, 2011
2 2
Adj: Word used to convey a feeling of complete awe; wonder; amazement. Word was coined in the early 2000's by joining 'Fucking Spectacular' into a much easier and shorter word, 'fucktacular'.
Adj: "Watching the New England Patriots win their 2nd Superbowl Championship in 3 years was a truly fucktacular moment."
by Tom Armet October 08, 2004
91 13
A totally sarcastic way of saying, "That's spectacular!"
A bird just pooped on my head and my jacket... Well this is simply fucktacular.
by Joel67 December 11, 2005
38 20
Like fuckadelic, but with extra-spectacular psychedelic-like special effects.
I just had the most unbelievably fucktacular dream, where I felt like I was watching my own head explode into torrents of luminous multi-coloured blancmange.
by Bollocksissimo July 10, 2008
12 7
Used to describe something "spectacular" in a profane, yet funny way. mostly used by men after extreme orgasm.
Bob: (after sexual intercourse) uh...oh god yes... that was fuck-tacular.
by OOM-9 April 03, 2007
7 5
Used to describe a new level of stupidity usually in a sarcastic manner.
"Dude that's the most fucktacular thing I've ever seen you do."
by DarkPuppy November 05, 2013
1 0
An adjective describing massive failure or underwhelming immediately following high expectations for an event.
E3 this year was fucktacular.
by Broccoli Despot July 15, 2008
2 7