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Like fuckadelic, but with extra-spectacular psychedelic-like special effects.
I just had the most unbelievably fucktacular dream, where I felt like I was watching my own head explode into torrents of luminous multi-coloured blancmange.
by Bollocksissimo July 10, 2008
Adj: Word used to convey a feeling of complete awe; wonder; amazement. Word was coined in the early 2000's by joining 'Fucking Spectacular' into a much easier and shorter word, 'fucktacular'.
Adj: "Watching the New England Patriots win their 2nd Superbowl Championship in 3 years was a truly fucktacular moment."
by Tom Armet October 08, 2004
A totally sarcastic way of saying, "That's spectacular!"
A bird just pooped on my head and my jacket... Well this is simply fucktacular.
by Joel67 December 11, 2005
Used to describe something "spectacular" in a profane, yet funny way. mostly used by men after extreme orgasm.
Bob: (after sexual intercourse) uh...oh god yes... that was fuck-tacular.
by OOM-9 April 03, 2007
Used to describe a new level of stupidity usually in a sarcastic manner.
"Dude that's the most fucktacular thing I've ever seen you do."
by DarkPuppy November 05, 2013
The feeling you get when everything is just perfect.
Amanda: Hey Matt, how you feeling?

Matt: Well after last night, I feel completely fucktacular!

Amanda: Let's do this again sometime!
by Matt The Fucker August 01, 2011
An adjective describing massive failure or underwhelming immediately following high expectations for an event.
E3 this year was fucktacular.
by Broccoli Despot July 15, 2008