a person who insults indian dads
Hey dude, nick is such a fuckster. He insulted pranati's dad and called him short.
by indcal1253 December 29, 2009
A hybrid cross between fuck boi and hipster, ultimately creating the next generation of douche bags
" I would love some polaroid nudes sent by mail"(Fuckster)

Kaleb Adams(Fuckster)

The guy who shamelessly approaches to in the vinyl section of the record store and,asks for you to go back to his studio apartment for copious amounts of yoga and VHS and karma sutra(Fuckster )
by David Longing April 14, 2016
A mix between a Fuckboy and a Hipster. Often if you see a fuckboy who dresses extremely preppy, but also enjoys listening to 70s rock because "that was the only real music" then you have found a fuckster.
Fred: Wow Jimmy really thinks he is some cool
Deshawn: Nah he ain't cool at all, he's just a fuckster
by TwoBiteBrownie April 14, 2016
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