1. Used to describe something that is Fucking Awesome (BITCH)
Arthur: the new green day song 21 guns is FUCKSOME

Bob: yeah maybe... but whats REALLY Fucksome is American Boy by estelle its amazin

*Bob gets ran over by a lorry, then a passing retard takes a shit in his face*

God: Hooray now everybodys happy :)
by Arthuriscool July 31, 2009
When somebody looks particularly fuckable or sexy/ worthy of some sexy time
"I have to say you're looking highly fucksome tonight"
by jimjam74 May 23, 2013
A combination of the phrase "fucking awesome".

I created it and it's my word. I am the creator. Bow down.
"Did you see what a crazy stunt that monkey just pulled off? That's so fucksome."
by HOLZ December 19, 2004

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