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A declarable holiday or state of mind in which no fucks can be given. When additional vacation or recreation time is needed, yet has not been allotted, a state of Fucksgiving can be declared.
You have obligations that need to be fulfilled on a Sunday afternoon, but a state of Fucksgiving has been declared, so you are required to go have fun instead.
by Brendejo Chingon November 05, 2011
A holiday focused on the idea of actually giving a fuck. The one day of the year set aside for caring. Celebrated the day before Thanksgiving.
'"Last year for Fucksgiving I attempted to care and understand about what James was telling me. Opposed to my usually blank stare followed by a casual 'cool story bro"
by asdfghjkl61910 August 23, 2011
A highly anticipated holiday at the end of November when college students return to their hometowns to show thanks for their parents paying college tuition and more importantly, to have sex with all of the attractive females they left back at high-school.
Yo, I already put in enough time with the fam this week. Think i'm just gonna blow off turkey day and go chill at that fly senior's house....

They don't call it Fucksgiving for nothing
by iamlittlev October 24, 2011
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