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A piece of clothing a stripper or hooker uses when she is giving the "good time" (the good time is when a stripper or hooker gets all fiesty with her lion). This article clothing is most often a scarf, sometimes they use this to "tie up" their man (or women im not judging anybody), but when a man uses a fuckscarf it is considered gay because we all know that men cant use fuckscarfs. These scarves often have beautiful patterns on them, the most common patterns are wangs or jugs if you know what i mean.
A: oh wow im gonna use a fuckscarf tonight
R: only if it has a nice pattern
A: oh you bet it does
R: will it make me juice?
A: of course
by flying turkey October 16, 2011
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A scarf a stipper uses in a dirty act, except it is only used as an insult to another.
R: Skank.
A: Fuckscarf.
R: How could you call me something so dirty?
A: Because, that's what you are.
by Word master 56789 October 11, 2011

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