When you and your partner (i.e. same sex, opposite sex) sleep around either together or apart. Both parties are fully aware of the other person's activities.

When you decide to also bring a third party into the relationship and constantly refer to yourselves as "the power of 3" (i.e. Charmed -- cause there's nothing "charming" about that).
Guy #1: Wait, I didn't know that they were ALL together in a relationship? What is that? I mean... how??

Guy #2: That's not a relationship. That's a fucklationship.
by StarBearWatch March 18, 2011
Top Definition
A relationship where you only come to fuck and get your sexual frustration out with one person only where you also perform many fantasies you both my have
I need a fucklationships with that mouth
by Tmalfy July 24, 2014
When you and someone else aren't in a relationship such as boyfriend or girlfriend, but you have sex together. Can be an open or closed relationship.

Another name for friends with benefits
Person A: Are you guys boyfriend and girlfriend?

Person B: Nope we're in a fucklationship.
by supagirl21 October 23, 2012
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