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Used in cases of amused angst...
You ruined my birthday cake by tripping and falling on it? Well, fuckity fuck fuck.
by towanda March 23, 2005
70 34
A term used to express extreme disapleasure at a
particular moment. More prefered than 'Fuck' alone,
due to its repetition and deeper meaning.
Cindy: What happened?!?
Lisa: Fuckity Fuck Fuck!!!
Fredd: Woah that was deep, man....
by mini-chiko January 16, 2008
90 27
let's face it...saying it once just doesn't mean anything anymore...
Someone: "Time to do some Solids homework!!"
by Homestar runner February 01, 2005
59 32
Fuck fuck FuCk
fuckityfuckfuck, i say fuck the fucking fuckers.
by Jizaqnkster March 20, 2003
8 8
A bloody Herring Seagull or more like a few hundred living within 300 yards of your window! If you live in Brighton, UK, you will kno wexactly what I mean!
I'm gonna kill those Fuckity-fuck-fucks (at 5 in the morning!!)
by Wendie Plentie July 02, 2010
3 5