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Fuckheadism. All men are fuckheads, the degree to which they are a fuckhead is the only thing that differs. Fuckheadism is a disease that is carried by, spread by, and contracted by men. It is terminal - 100% mortality rates. The unfortunate thing about Fuckheadism is that it doesn't reduce their lifespan.
Example 1
Girl 1: Hey, look at that guy! He's got Fuckheadism!
Girl 2: How do you know that?
Girl 1: Because he's male! All males have Fuckheadism!

Example 2
Girl 1: I wish my ex boyfriend would just DIE.
Girl 2: Sorry hun, he can't. Unfortunately Fuckheadism doesn't reduce the male species' lifespan.
by hammotime October 17, 2011
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