a named used towards a female usually by another female that she has betrayed.
Hoe you fucked my man, u a lil fuck girl!
by ballinthickum09 April 30, 2007
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Just like a fuckboy but in the feminine form it usually starts fights in between girls
"Dude, she got called a fuckgirl"
"shit, man get a sit fights breaking out"

fuckboy college fuck
by migogc September 10, 2011
The female version of a fuckboi. One who exudes fuckery.
"If Monique was a character on Game of Thrones she would be Shae, and Katie would be Skyler from Breaking Bad"

- "Yeah what a bunch of fuckgirls"
by fucktyson September 19, 2014
A fuckgirl is a girl that sucks and always hurts people
Jessy is such a fuckgirl stay away from her
by Dehoma December 30, 2014
a fuck girl is a girl who acts like a fuckboy expect she dosent ask for nudes instead she strings them along and uses other guys when shes already maybe dating someone
Wow look at Alex flirting with Joey and Austin when she's dating Louis! What a fuckgirl!
by harrysty1es February 10, 2015
A girl who calls guys fuckboys
"That bitch keeps calling guys fuckboys"
"Yeah what a fuckgirl"
by Whoami123 January 26, 2015
Female version of "Fuckboi". A Fuckgirl tends to take many selfies. Most would agree they take too many selfies. A fuck girl also tends to think she is hot shit and possible some sort of fashion guru. These are also the girls that call guys fuckbois.
"Hey, you see that Fuckgirl over there?"
"Which one?Selby?"
"Yeh, she such a Fuckgirl."
by Poontang Shoontang Shit February 08, 2015

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