A post-mortem speech or writing for someone with no redeeming qualities and who in no capacity will be missed.

The phrase was coined by John Oliver in Episode 152 of The Bugle podcast in regards to the death of the King Kunt himself, Osama Bin Laden.
This is not so much a tribute episode to Bin Laden, but more of a fuckeulogy to the big man.
by Andrew ZULTZ!-man May 19, 2011
A spoken or written remeberence of a complete assbag with no redeeming values in which the recently deceased is condemned, defiled and lampooned for leading such an utterly despicable life.
Pastor 1: To the dearly departed, you were a douche of epic proportions and so the people say….FUCK YOU!

Person A: Father that was a very touching fuckeulogy. Thank you.
by imafrog29 May 16, 2011
A disrepectful 'eulogy' to a hated person who has died.
"This is not so much a tribute episode to Bin Laden, as a special fuckeulogy to the big man"

John Oliver (from The Daily Show), on The Bugle podcast; published May 6th, 2011.
by SirSteven May 07, 2011
Irreverent eulogy given to commemorate the death of "someone who will in no capacity be missed" - John Oliver

Term coined by John Oliver, contributor to the Daily Show and co-host of the Times Online podcast, the Bugle. First used by Oliver in episode 152 of the Bugle to describe the subsequent segment about the killing of Osama Bin Laden.
"This is not so much a tribute to Bin Laden, more of a fuckeulogy." - John Oliver in reference to the killing of Osama Binladin (the Bugle, episode 152)
by PhoenixLeo May 22, 2011
a remembrance of someone whose life cannot be described without the overall theme of "fuck you."

Coined by comedian John Oliver, best known for "The Daily Show" and "Community" on Episode 152 of The Bugle "Audio Newspaper for a Visual World" podcast.

May be good for remembering trends/memes that really sucked.
"This is not a tribute to Bin Laden, as much as a "fuck-eulogy" to the big man." - John Oliver, The Bugle 152

He was such a nasty man in his lifetime, I think all the speeches at his funeral will be "fuck-eulogies."

I can't wait to hear the "fuck-eulogy" for when (insert politician's name) dies...
by waterfloor May 14, 2011
Similar to a funeral eulogy only filled with spite, vitriol, and lampooning. First used by John Oliver in Bugle issue 152.
This is not so much a tribute episode to Bin Laden as a special fuckeulogy to the big man.
by Eric Ryan Ortega May 07, 2011
A speech or tribute in celebration of the death of someone without whom the world is a better place. Coined by John Oliver on "The Bugle" podcast.
Rather than being given a single memorial service, as one fuckeulogy wouldn't be enough, Osama bin Laden was given fuckeulogies all over the globe.
by Bugler_RichieG May 21, 2011
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