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like "holy fuck" only with more joke in it. Used when someone is surprised in a mildly discouraging way.
"Dude, the essay is due tomorrow..."
"Fuckerdoodles... WAIT WHAT."
by rapidfire28 March 11, 2012
A Complete Ass. A moron. Any term used to call someone a name.
1)John is such a Fuckerdoodle

2)Steve was making fun of me so much. Hes such a fuckerdoodle
by Chuck H. July 26, 2006
the bomb, the shit, the wonderful stuff that makes life worthwhile. Made from a combination of sex and sugar. Can also be used as an exclamation.(from "fuck" and "snickerdoodles")
Son: hey, Dad, i found $2000 in the basement that belonged to your father.
Dad: Fuckerdoodles!
by mi51ry September 03, 2006