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fuhk-er puhnch
-noun, verb

1. A blow delivered by an irritated person to a fucker or douche.

2. The act of delivering aforementioned punch to the fucker or douche, usually with incredible force and precision. The goal is to shut them the fuck up.
1. Having a scrapbook in one's possession is grounds for an immediate and lethal fucker punch.

2. Jeanette was out last Friday on a fucker punching rampage. She took out all five members of a local scrapbooking club and even fucker punched their collective 92 cats.
by Jeanette M. January 22, 2009
12 7
To be punched somewhere on your body by a sexual body part. IE: A penis or breast.
I am gonna fuckerpunch you in the butt!

She just fuckerpunched me in the face!
by Guttermouth February 04, 2014
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