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Actions of doing fuck all or nothing at all.
The process of doing absolutely nothing, derived from the british term "fuck all" or nothing at all.
Despite all the fuckallery in the office; Jim was still able to get something done.

I was supposed to get a paper done, but I was too involved with my fuckallery.
by EnterTheGopher October 04, 2010

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copious excessive funny ridiculous
General state of massive fuck.

When fuck isn't enough.

When shit hits the fan.

Copious amounts of fuck.
This is some fuckallery right here!

That party was a bunch of fuckallery.

I went to Disneyland and all I got was a bunch of fuckallery.

We watched a horror film and turned it into a bunch of fuckallery.
by G Bullet October 03, 2010