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a person who, eloquently speaking, is such a complete and utterly disgrace to mankind. Otherwise, if he is a friend, this is a compliment
I can't believe you, you are such a fuckface.

hey fuckface!!
by djs October 03, 2003
Wade Myers
Wade is a FuckFace
by SuckdisD January 08, 2014
a term in which is used to describe someone of incompetence or complete stupidity

commonly used when correcting someone when said person claims to be completely knowledgeable of the subject at hand but is completely wrong and makes himself look like a fool.
(said individual): "yea i was there last night, that shit got crazy dude!"

(accusing individual): "no you weren't fuckface, i seen you working at petsmart!"
by fullmetalgatts June 16, 2011
the person on the giving side of a blowjob; A term describing a person whom has given a blowjob.

The act of giving head, technically speaking could be classified as fucking ones face. thus deeming the person whom is giving said blowjob the face being fucked, or fuckface.
Bob: Hay John, is it tru that your GF Sally wont put out after 2 years?
John: Hell no, Sally is my little fuckface every night.
by Trollsama May 11, 2011
a description of a particular person. usually one consisting of ignorance or stupidity. Here are ordinary words that describe them. asshole, bitch, cheater, douche bag, hoe, slut, jerk, etc.
"I made Chase a candy basket and some videos of me dancing to his favorite songs to make up for the distance of my movement but he was being a real fuckface! so I gave it to a co worker."

ashley- Joseph slept with my sister!"

veronica- "woa, weren't yall in love?, he is without doubt an honest fuckface."

monty- "your stripping now?!"

carri- "yeah I need money to fix my yosimiti sam car!"

monty- "you stupid ass fuckface of a girlfriend!"
by ashleycarri May 21, 2010
The face you make when you're poised to fuck.
Dude, don't distract him. He's got his fuckface on.
by bngpoop July 10, 2008
Useless twat
I asked for a fucking Stella not a Carling you fucking fuck face!
by Timmeh October 08, 2003
FuckFace is a word used to define a group of people who use social media sites (such as tweeter, myspace, but mainly facebook) to show-off or go off and list what they did the whole day or tell inside jokes that nobody gives a fuck about. It's like masturbating, nobody likes it expect the person doing it.
Example 1
8 year old girl: I GOT SOOOO DRUNKKK, WILD PARTY!!!!

Guy: Shut the fuck up fuckface, go draw on the pavement or something.

Example 2
Annoying fuck: LOOOOL FAT GAY BUTT SEX AT THE MALL-with Fred & Dan

Troll: Fag.
by JUUUUUU October 25, 2011

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