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The only coherent thought/word/statement available to any respectable sentient beings upon exposure to such items as the following:

1) any 24-hour news network for more than a minute.
2) Explanation of George W. Bush's environmental policy
3) profound rumination on the state of life as we know it
4) Door-to-door Jehovah's Witnesses at 5am
5) the realization that your dogs have eaten your entire easter basket and proceeded to vomit/explosive diarrea the whole thing throughout your living space
6) Stories about imperialism from the 1300's forward
7) the whole Bush administration
CNN: "...have built a twelve foot wall to divide shi'ite and Sunni factions in the capital city...'"
Respectable sentient being: "Oh...oh they fuckin' didn't...they did. Those stupid Fuck-fucketty-fuck-fuck-fuckers!"

by Spork_damage April 26, 2007
The mating call of the rare fuckus bird.
There it is!
by Zach G. January 14, 2004
A truly inspired name for a pub quiz team, as previously used in The Castle pub in Aberystwyth.
"And in first place, the Fuck-fucketty-fuck-fuck-fuckers, with 128 points!"
by Little Miss Trouble July 30, 2003