A sarcastic exclamation of joy. Said by Pete in "Shaun of the Dead". Interesting sidenote; the original line was "scooby-fucking-doo", but had to be changed for legal reasons.
"He's fun to have around."
"Why? 'Cos he can impersonate an orangutang? Fuck-a-doodle-doo!"
by cakeandfinewine September 24, 2004
Top Definition
1.) An expression of cynicism or to be unimpressed. Used in the film "Shaun of the Dead."
2.) An expression of surprise and alarm.
"Why, because he can impersonate an orangutang? Well, fuck-a-doodle-doo."
by Megan I. June 29, 2005

Only the best exclamation ever!
Bill The Barber: My house got burned down today. Ted The Towel: Well fuckadoodledoo my house has burned down 12 times!
by Benard Bernouli November 06, 2004
A blow-off term that is used when one does not care at all.
I just won tickets to the Star Trek convention!
Oh, fuckadoodle-doo! Who cares, dweeb?
by staccato brainstem February 12, 2005
The word that a person uses when they are pissed off

The word that a chicken uses when they are pissed off
1. And today you have one bajillion irrelavent maths questions to do.

2. Fuckadoodledoo!

1. By Tomorrow.

**** ****
6:00 Fuckadoodledoo, Fuckadoodledoo, Fuckadoodledoo
by Forces April 19, 2006
also mentionde in the movie shaun of the dead
well fuck a doddle doo
by lue_driver March 20, 2005
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