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The farting sound made while fucking someone either in the vagina or ass.

As the penis plunges in and out of the vagina or anus, a farting noise is made sounding similar to one that comes from the anus when flatulence occurs.
John: "Damn, me and Jessie were going hard at it all night!"

Dave: "Wow! Really?"

John: "Yup, so hard that I even heard a fuck fart!"

Dave: "Awesome!"
by SexuallySexySex March 03, 2011
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Your mothers sweet queef.

Also a type of exclamation with more relevance than "fuck" or "shit"
I love when I go to your mom's house for a recipe and end up with her fuckfarts.

guy 1:dude your girlfriend wrecked your car
guy 2:fuckfarts!!
by dabooner February 07, 2007
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A fuckfart(s) is a person or generation of people who abandon previous generations and their good knowledge and depend upon their own pitiful immature trial and error based abilities.

Fuckfarts, with their parenticidal tendencies, practice harsh age descrimination, hence the term fuckfart, because the fuckfart renders themselves nothing more than an outgasing that occurs directly after anal or vaginal sex, i.e their birth.

Fuckfarts have no substance. They are too self-reliant. They miss the point of multi-generational harmony.

They make you wonder what part of the asshole they grew up in.
xan__"Hey everyone Kelly is 43 years old."

Kelly__"Yeah thats great!"

xan__"Hahahahahahahahahahaha...Kelly's an old guy."

Kelly__"Excuse me?!"

xan__"Why do old ppl come on this chat all the time?"

xan__"They need to die."

Kelly__" :( "

Kelly__"What a fuckfart."

by James Kelly Williamson February 12, 2008
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Strictly it is when air is pumped into a vagina during intercourse, and released when the penis is pulled out.
Urban myth? Definitely not.
Talking from personal experience. They are not so smelly as ordinary farts though.
Also somebody insignificant.
They're just a bunch of fuckfarts (nobodies).
by shonny March 02, 2007
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In the sexual act of anal sex the person farts on the other person
we were doing anal and she fuck farted on me
by JohnnyVolume February 07, 2007
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What happens when a girl's holes are so loose that there are constant slurping noises as you pound away. Can apply to pussy or ass.
Banging Mary was fun, but her holes are so busted out it was a veritable fuck fart symphony all night.
by spunkjordan June 04, 2016
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A flatulent resulting from trapped air, which enters a sexual orifice durring vigorous intercourse, escapes durring copulation.
I pounded that ass so fast, it let the loudest fuck-fart I'd ever heard!
by lanstopher March 05, 2009
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