A term spawned in central Texas referring to really drunk dorky girls.
Fuckdorks are generally over-educated, underpaid, and usually wear glasses. They spend their time reading and doing medical studies for rent money.
The first appearance of the word was in the song "Timetables" by the Austin, Texas band Pussy Bear.
Damn, check out that fuckdork on her bicycle. She just crashed into a Prius in front of the library. Shouldn't she be wearing her glasses.
#drunk naughty librarian #four eyed hangover #that drunk girl at the bar #dorkfuck #drunkfuck
by navasotanchavez April 22, 2009
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Term reserved mostly for gay, adopted, pastry delivery drivers who have women's names, bikini briefs and chronic plumber's crack,
Your parents gave you up because you are a pastry delivery driving, woman's name having, bikini brief wearing plumber's crack haver you fuck dork!
#fuckdork #fuck dork #bree #sandwich #candle
by kungfujimmy April 24, 2009
a nickname used to describe Silver(the person not the metal).
Fuckdork loves to get it on with dudes.
by Bitchen Clyde January 16, 2004
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