a slightly retarded jewish and or spanish boy that has trouble with his bough movement
"Holy shit Rob, did you see that stupid fuck-ball, cause i should rip off his soiled undies and put them in his mouth with a handful my own brown chunky goodness."
by mosier April 28, 2003
A group of ten or more humans, of both sexes, naked, and rolled into a ball.
"Holy fuckballs, that was a long post."
by Mimziez September 20, 2009
a rubber ball covered in dildos.
i love my fuckball, it's to great, especaly for partys
by alan h January 02, 2006
A giant ball of sperm, usually produced from a gigantic penis.
"I rub my fuck ball against your ass."
by Miles C May 29, 2005

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