the word that is screamed out when in excruciating pain in awkward circumstances.
working in a grocery store, I open a till only to realize that I dropped something. I go to pick it up, smoke my head off the till and "fuckballs!" as a customer waits for me to serve them :)
by consuella the mexican April 11, 2011
A sexual practice where six or more consensual adults get naked and roll around together on the floor indulging in mostly non penetrative sex. As the six bodies pile around each other, the 'fuckball' appears to be a single mass of limbs that rolls. Think Twister, without the mat and with erections.
"Hey guys, shall we get naked and roll ourselves a fuckball?"
by ElGrandeQueso April 21, 2008
A Fuck Ball IS: refers to the sexual position in which a female(s) is lying on her back while grabbing the back of her legs and pulling them as close to her head as possible, resembling a ball. This position is preferred during anal penetration, but also works while double dipping.
Mike: "dude, why did you leave the party so early last night?"
Bob: "Because ever since i rolled Sean's mom up into a fuck ball and took her to pound town she keeps callin me back for more."
by Robert88 October 13, 2007
a fuckball is what happens when you fuck as hard and as fast and as long as you can, when you fuck with 100% intensity, you wind up almost killing yourself and cant move or breathe and at the end you curl your body into a ball to recover and gain back your strength
Joe Fiorello fucked me so hard that I had to curl into a fuckball for 30 minutes just to gain enough energy to go to the bathroom
by Dig Dang Dong September 06, 2010
When a man royally fucks up the relationship with his best friend by being a total dick (hairy balls and all)
Broseph: Yo JT, what happened to your BFF Kitty?

JT: I was a total fuckball! I would do anything to gain her forgiveness.
by ImSorryKitty February 09, 2014
A very homosexual ball game.

It involves using a ball with two circles, about the diameter of a penis, cut into it, both directly opposite each other. At the start, one person from each team places their penis in the ball, and from there the game starts. The idea is to get the ball past the other team's goal line to score a goal, but you are only allowed to touch the ball with your penis. This is why the holes are there. The name comes from that the appearence given is that of fucking the ball.

The game is generally played with about 7 people a side, but can be played with as many fags as you can find.
Hey, you up for a game of fuckball?
by Lee Ji Hoon October 21, 2007
When either word fuck or balls can't define how bad a situation is.
Jeff"Hey Jim you wife has herpes."

Jim "but you're the only person we know that has herpes"

Jeff" fuckballs"
by Delo January 10, 2014
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