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Ghetto slang for telling someone to forget something.
Another way for saying forget about it.
Ghetto slang for Who gives a shit?
A way to inform your peers that you don't give a fuck.
Another way of telling people that you don't care about someone or something.
Usually a friend says this in response to a really stupid statement, so that he or she can remind the friend to not take things so seriously and basically to not give a fuck.
Simon: I don't know, what if she gets mad at me for trying to kiss her.

Vince: Man, dude, you gotta fuck the dome shit!

Simon: You're right. Who gives a fuck if she wants to kiss or not! I'll do it anyway!

Can also be said without the shit...
For example...

Simon: Do you think I should call her to tell her I am breaking up with her?

Vince: Yo dawg, you gots to Fuck the dome!

Shit can be replaced with baby if this is being said to a girlfriend...
For example...

Allison: Did you bring a condom?

Simon: Fuck the dome, baby! Condoms take away all the feelin'! I'm gonna fuck you bareback and you gonna enjoy it bitch.
by SAICHOTIC June 12, 2009
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