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Can be used literally or as a sign of frustration, as in:
1) Seeing that guy's crotch bulge, I said, "Hey dude, 'Fuck me in the ass'." (Can be used by heteros or gays)

2) "Fuck me in the ass. I can't get this fuckin' software to run the way it's supposed to.
by stsebastian October 29, 2008
1) an interjection used when something unexpected happens

2) an interjection used when something does not go as planned or as expected

3) a legitimate request for anal intercourse
1) Shit, that mouse kicked that cat's ass! Fuck me in the ass!

2) Dammit! The Minecraft server admin banned me! Fuck me in the ass!

3) Oh, yah, fuck me in the ass!
by russianwarrior November 19, 2013
its usually used when something you hear is utterly unbelievable,, for a moment u feel u'r dreaming,, thats when u ask the other person to fuck u in the ass so u know its not a dream from the pain arising from the fucking
"theres a surprise test tomorrow" says Nik
Sam: "oh man,, fuck me in the ass.."
by bee kalaria April 19, 2009
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