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(n.) The leftover buildup of orgasmic fluids around the head of the penis after a sexual encounter. Usually discovered when dried to a white crust the following morning.
That girl was so hot it took a jackhammer to get the fuck cheese off!
by Catie :) January 18, 2005
a rude and crude person lacking in intelligence and generally disagreeable to be around

cheese engaging in sexual intercourse
"you slept with my mother!?! you fuckcheese!"
by steve-o January 25, 2004
Somebody who makes Forrest Gump look like a fuckin genous
Brad Childress is a major fuckcheese
by Your momasita December 15, 2010
It is a backwords way of saying Cheese fuck. A "Cheese Fuck" is someone who fucks cheese.
Your such a fuck cheese!
What a cheese fuck, I'm leaving!
by Fishman October 20, 2004
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