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When someone succumbs to overpowering urges of sexual lust and cannot help but make forceful attempts at sexual contact with the closest members of the opposite(or same) gender via any most oraphice. Those who activly engage in SnM activities are more likely candidates for fuck frenzying, as well as those who are grossly sexually deprived, like gigantic black prisoners serving life sentences.
Prison Guard 1: Hey man, did you see that crazy shit that happened yesterday in the inmate washroom?

Prison Guard 2: You mean when Jamal was taking his shower and went into a fuck frenzy after the new white guy walked in. I heard they have the new guy suspended by his hands and legs now so his ass doesnt touch the groud 'cause it hurts him too much, and he has to carry that colostomy bag with him for the rest of his life.

Prison Guard 1: Yup, and he is scheduled to have surgery on his Jaw and throat next week. They are gonna pin his jaw back together and repair his trachea so that can get that tube out of his neck to let him breath normally again.

Prison Guard 2: I heard Earl caught the whole thing on tape and put it on! Lets go see if we can find it!
by James T. P. June 10, 2007
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