1. a phrase or motto which describes ones primary agenda: to have sex with women and make as much money as possible.

2. a phrase or motto which describes a man's plan to earn money while cursing women, usually due to failure with a woman.
1. Life is simple. Fuck bitches, get money.

2. "Man, I couldn't get any pussy this weekend."

"It's all good man. Fuck bitches, Get money"
by BaylenMiller October 11, 2008
Top Definition
to disregard women, acquire currency
Kentot got dumped by his bitch so Dr. Krystoff Shishtovian & the ghost of Biggie Smalls told him to Fuck Bitches, Get Money
by Kentot February 09, 2010
To recieve cash flow while having sexual intercourse with women.
young ace has always said,"fuck bitches, get money"
by R BREEZY April 20, 2011
means that you are done dealing with women and have decided to earn all the money you can.

also pronounced in acronym form: FBGM
"Little Tommy's girlfriend dumped him, so he said 'Fuck Bitches, Get Money'"

"Stephen said he's through with pussy"
"are you serious?"
"yea, he said 'Fuck Bitches, Get Money'"
"Stephen's a dumbass"
by Martimize February 13, 2008
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