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A complete tool, A Jerk, knob, idiot, turd, git, gimboid etc, etc.
"That guy is a total Fuck Arse"
by hitman February 12, 2004
50 16
Of high intelligence, but no social skills.

If you want class, you can just fuck off Fuckarse!
by The Mayor of Fuckarse Town June 18, 2006
27 10
Term used to describe a person who is arrogant, unfavourable in personality, has the Gall but also loves man anus.
If you saw one, you'd say "My God you're a fuckarse!"
by elwar1 July 08, 2009
8 0
I don't like you and I'm going to question your sexuality.
You fuckarse!!!
by contlogs August 20, 2003
11 11
A very smart American, rare species.
Hey, krista, stop sucking dick and boil my rugby socks!
12 14