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After having sex with a partner, it is customary for one to consent to at least some degree of minor cuddling and or intimate touching (spooning, caressing, hand-holding, sweet nothings etc.). The Fuck 'n Roll is when one partner forgoes the act of post-coital intimacy and simply rolls over and avoids any form of tenderness. The Fuck 'n Roll is often followed by a quick departure or snoring. While it is men who are predominantly guilty of committing a Fuck 'n Roll, some women have been known to commit this sexual faux-pas.
"Dude, were you big or little spoon after boning her?" "No way bro, I pulled a Fuck 'n Roll"

"That guy last night seemed so sweet, did you guys talk all night?" "No, the asshole Fuck 'n Rolled me!"

"Dude I pulled a Fuck 'n Roll, what are the chances she'll bone me again?"
by your wet spot April 30, 2010
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