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A pussy ass nigga with no common sense that laccs good judgement and is constantly coming incorrect at REAL NIGGAS who will whoop them at a moments notice at any time and any place. Is also known to call the laws on a nigga therefore endowing them to a status of life long whoredom.
Myke: Aye I'm a Fucc Boi are you a Fucc Boi?

Me: Nah but that bitch ass nigga Ej is though.

Myke: True shit didn't that nigga call the boys on you?

Me: Yeah he did on some straight hoe shit though frill.
by DADOPEMAN#& January 23, 2011
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A term given to niggas that be eatin' straight out the ice cream carton and also those that hold eye contact with others whilst double dipping chips and salsa.
Connor: Dude, I saw Mosier working at Applebee's earlier and I didn't tip him at all.

Sam: Don't be a fuccboi, man
by VulnerableAnus March 08, 2015
A bitch ass basic boy that does stupid shit just to get a reaction out of people. Fucc bois usually think that they are cool or suave, but they are not. They tend to be pussy ass bitches in most situations.
Alyssa's boyfriend is such a fucc boi.
He won't do anything because he's just a fuccboi.
by naturallynappy17 April 21, 2015
A fuccboi is not only a bitch he is a bitch ass nigga once your branded fuccboi by the squad we no longer fucc wit' you cause your a pussy and anyone around you looks 100% worse as well
Realnigga1: he didn't show up to the fight like he said he would

Realnigga2:damn what a fuccboi
by Asapwolves March 12, 2015
Usually referring to one who dickrides A$AP Rocky or Yung Lean.
Also used to describe someone that one does not like in general.
Yo look at that fuccboi wearing pyrex shorts lmao
by oh ny3s May 13, 2015
A simple derivative of the word Fuckboy, this is often used online as the former is often censored due to containing the word Fuck
Online Person 1: dude that guy's a total fuccboi
Online Person 2: you mean a #######.
Online Person 2: oh wait that got censored.
Online Person 1: now you get it.
by K.O.TOTHEFACE April 23, 2016
Single men who share posts on Facebook that complain about "fuckboys" and are otherwise salty about their lack of ability to get laid.
"Hey man, did you see that post James shared on Facebook about girls always choosing fuckboys over nice guys?"

"Yeah I saw that. James is such a fuccboi"
by Dolus October 15, 2015
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