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n. A word that refers to pizazz which accompanies any of many awesome things, including:
- michael flarety's jazz hands
- Ace Ventura, Pet Detective
- Kelly's interpretive dance to GirlTalk
- etc.
There is an excessive amount of fubber in Michael Flarety's Jazz hands
by spacecase5342 November 03, 2009
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The felt-like stuff which seals the windows of older, pillarless cars; usually pimping Mercedes.
Jim: "I'm going to give my car a good clean tomorrow. I jetwashed all the fubber on my car earlier."

John: "Fubber?"

Jim: "Yeah, the fubber seals. My car's window seals are made of fubber as opposed to rubber."

John: "Of course. You pimp a Merc these day."

Jim: "I sure do."
by Judder Man February 17, 2008
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