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The Friday after Thanksgiving when you reuse all of the peanut oil you used to deep fry a turkey and deep fry other items. Including (but not limited to): tempura veges, fish sticks, cheese sticks, oreos, etc.
So, for the camping menu- everyone bring something for Fry-day.
by hbsteels November 22, 2011
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Just another Friday spent frying on drugs such as mushrooms or LSD
"You got the goods for Fryday?"
"We're frying on Fryday"
by Ravi the Drunk August 27, 2008
22 3
The hottest day of the week at work when your boss floods your inbox with last-minute assignments so that your weekend is ruined.
My boss tried to ruin my weekend by piling on work last Fryday - but I made sure I wrapped it all up in time.
by Mohit Hira May 21, 2009
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