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Fry Sauce: A mixture of ketchup and mayonaise for dipping french fries (Freedom Fries at U.S. Congress Commisary). Created by a regional burger joint, Artic Circle in the 1960 with most locations in Utah and Idaho.

Became a regional mainstay of almost all fast food resturants and home in Utah and Idaho.
Utahn: "I want fry sauce, not ketchup, with my order"

Zitfaced Order Taker in Utah : "Do you want fry sauce with that?"
Out of State Customer: "What? What the hell is fry sauce?"
by Don August 06, 2004
The concoction that occurs when a man mixes his seminal fluids with a woman's menstrual juices.
Bro, "Dude I heard you got your red wings!"
Other bro, "Yeah man! We made some fry sauce!"
by FUTCHMUTCH April 15, 2015

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