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A mixture of different kinds of people (goth, punk, bohemian, suburbanite, trust-funders, transients, hippie, druggie, slacker, crusties, tweakers, vagabonds, pseudo-vagabonds, high school kids, college kids, etc.) that commonly (or would) creep and stroll Fry Street, a street near the University of North Texas in Denton TX. Since the recent transitioning (as a result of United Equities buying the land in the area and screwing it up--same thing happened to the drag in Austin) of a block of the fry street area, there has been reports of fry rats migrating to the Square area of Denton, TX.

an ex-fry rats said in regards to what a fry rat is:

"kids hanging around fry st trying to get doped or drunked up anyway they can.
i know. I am an ex-fry rat.
only I had my own moneys 95% of the time "

another said...

"there weren't any defining actions that made one a "fry rat", you simply had to hang around the fry st area... alot... when you should have been doing other things... like going to high school. I can say, however, that I learned more in the crows nest, on the curb, and in kharma at 3am than I did in my entire Texas public school education. Never under estimate the power of spanging."

Also one Dentonite (demonym), said when referring to a fry rat, "They asked me for money while they were talking about their new patches. Then, I witnessed them driving off in a new Dodge Caliber."
I left Fry and Denton in 1996 before that I was a Fry Rat. No regrets
by growling moogs de dentron July 29, 2010
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