The worst place to get a fucken job in the fucken world.
Does this place ever give you a pay raise, pay-raise what the fuck is that?
by bad_panda October 06, 2004
Top Definition
The only place where you can find oscilloscopes, motherboards, model airplanes, beef jerky, and hardcore pornography dvds all under the same roof.

Where nerds and masochists go on friday nights. Good luck dealing with customer service.
I went to Fry's Electronics yesterday and scored a new stereo for my car, a wireless router, a lego set, gummy worms, and a dvd of backdoor cowboys #17.
by gooberliberation March 03, 2006
Electronic death trap, coustomers go there and buy 3rd rate electronics for cheap prices, only for them to break and endure the nightmare of returning them. The rebates are a scam aswell. Employes hassel uneducated coustomers into buying what they dont need just to make commission. The employees are just bitter because they are payed very poorly. Red tape and bureaucratic rules dictate everything that goes on to the point of utter frustration that loses them business. I got suckered into working there.($9-$13/hr starting my ass)
Jim:I just got this motherbord at Fry's
Sam:Sucker, bet it doesnt work.
(2 days later)
Jim:Damn, this motherbord is bad, back to Fry's and the return line.
(2 days later)
Jim:Still in the fucking return line
by G_FUnc January 09, 2005
The place where the employees declare your credit card instead of declining it, have no knowledge of electronics, and help customers of their own race first.

Yet people go there instead of Best Buy.
I'm going to Fry's Electronics to buy a computer that will crash from a guy who doesn't speak English and doesn't know how to use a computer.
by Name-42 December 20, 2005
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