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Having a cousin who is also your best friend. Fruz can also be an appropriate shortened version of the word, and used in casual conversation.
I am so stoked I get to hang out with my fruzin today

Hey fruz, can we talk about this?
by setafina September 03, 2010
Cousins, who are more than just cousins but are also friends.
I'm so glad that you are not just my cousin, you are my friend, my fruzin!
by happy184 August 17, 2009
Cousins who are closer than just being related, but are actually good friends (cousin and friend put together).
Evan and Alex are more than just cousins, they are fruzins!

Evex are the best fruzins ever, they know every thing about each other!
by fruzins184 November 13, 2011
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